Committed to the Best

As specialists in footwear with design and production experiences of more than 60 years, we encompass the entire supply chain in all dimensions of our business, from manufacturing to retail in order to stay unique in our sector.

At Nasim Company, we are on the belief that style should be comfortable, with great quality and easy to achieve by the smart prices and shouldn’t demand a huge investment of time or money.

That’s why we try our best to make our footwear feels as good as it looks, which can take you from the boardroom to the restaurant or to the park with your family effortlessly. We strive to ensure that your shopping experience is easy on your wallet and your schedule, by delivering fashion and value to everyone in your household.

Our first factory opened in 1960 and we have started to provide services directly to customers without intermediaries since then. The chain has since grown to more than 7 locations across Middle East. As well as footwear we have been honored and proud to produce variety of Chemical compounds such as PA (Phthalic anhydride), PU (Polyurethane), DOP (Dioctyl phthalate) and synthetic leather.

In addition, we look forward to continue our journey in community involvement. Our brand supports charities that provide remarkable efforts to improve lives in our communities. We admire the integrity and efficiency with which these charities use their resources to establish services and directly support those in need. We thank all these organizations and others like them for the value they bring to our communities. Their courage and vision is commendable, reputable and praiseworthy!

Our business is a reflection of our commitment to sincere relationships with those who share our ideal and our passion for our quality products that are comfortable, unique and respectful of the world around us. This business vision enabled us to deliver the best proper product for each customer.

We are always looking ahead, secure in the knowledge that our experience has brought us the conviction and consistence needed to choose the best paths.